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I was hoping you guys might be able to help me.

I'm looking for a Foxtrot comic that came out last year. I used to have it saved on my computer, but it recently crashed so I lost all my files. Anyways, it was Christmas-related. Jason wrote a card and he had it all in math terms. When you solved it, it said, "Merry Xmas".

Does anyone have it?
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im new

hi all im new here so i will start by introducing myself

so ok i am 13 years old and just LOVE foxtrot i have been reading it for maybe 3 years now and i love it i have every one of them*is the big book form*except for "my hotdog went out can i have another"but i will hopfully be getting that soon my fave charector would have to be peter jason or quincy so yeah i dont really have a fave strip cuz i like them all!well i hope to post on here again

(its freedom backwords!)
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Hey... does anybody have a copy of that strip where Jason gives a huuuuuge guilt trip to someone (I think it's Peter, but it could be Roger)? It's in a series where one of his games or something got destroyed, and he says "I want you to look into my tear-filled eyes and see the pain that you, and you alone, have caused. Then I want you to die." Peter or Roger: "Oh, great."

I am pretty sure it's in one of the newer, thinnner-but-with-more-strips books. Already checked Foxtrot: Assembled With Care, so it's probably in Foxtrotius Maximus. I remember it being toward the end.

If anyone can help, thanks!!!
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Hey guys, I'm new here.

Ever since one of my brother's friends gave him a Foxtrot comic for his birthday a few years ago, I've been so addicted to them. I love Bill Amend's humor..and especially the way he portrays Jason. So far I own Camp Foxtrot, Enormously Foxtrot, Wildly Foxtrot, and Foxtrot En Masse, but I'm aching to buy another one since I've read those four about a million times already.

Anyway, I also wanted to share one of my favorite strips (I thought this one was HILARIOUS):

Yep, so looking forward to share my love of Foxtrot with you all :)

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On Saterday, February 26th, Bill Amend will be coming to Borders Book Store for a book reading and signing. Information below :-)

Date: February 26th
Times: 2PM Disney Book Reading
3:15PM Book Signing of Foxtrot Maximus
Where: Borders Bookstore on 12055 Metcalf Ave in Overland Park Kansas

For more information, you can call the store at 913-663-2356

I'll deffinetly be there :-) I saw a poster for this event while shopping in the store, and practically died with excitement. :-)
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Foxtrot Icons

Hey y'all, I loved today's strip so much that I decided to make icons of it...

1 2 3 4

If you take some, please comment and credit me in the keywords. Hope you like them!

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I got a Foxtrot day-by-day calendar for christmas, and I was wondering if this strip was online somewhere....it's January 3rd in the calendar.....anyway, it's got Jason thiniking of his new years resolutions, and he's saying how 800x600 is too small, 1024x768 wouldn't be bad....I'd just scan in my image, but our scanner sucks. Much thanks to anyone who can find it for me :)